San Jacinto, CA Showdown. Saturday, March 7, 8 & 9, 2025.

Tournaments Highlights

  • San Jacinto Casino & Resort
  • 20 permanent lighted courts. Plus, championship lighted court
  • 50 International flag ceremony row
  • Daily rendition of Star Spabglef Banner
  • Custom designed international player scoreboard
  • All gold medal matches refereed on stadium when available.
  • Player action and podium photos
  • Cash, Medal & Trophy presentation
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals.
  • No rain 10 court system (based on rain stopping outdoors)

Status: Open for registration
Registration: $10 per player. Non-refundable.
Entry Fee: $55 per player/per event
Late Entries: $65 February 1 to February 14. $75 February 15 to March 1
Sessions: 8 AM – 11 AM – 2 PM – 5 PM – 8 PM
Skills: Open – 5.0+ – 4.5 – 4.0 – 3.5 – 3.0
Age: 8+ – 19+ – 35+ – 45+ – 55+ – 65+ – 75+
Brackets: Men’s – Women’s – Team – Mixed – Singles
Teams: 6 to 8 teams per division
Regular Scoring Format:  Play to 11, win by 2
Team Format: Get your 4-Player, or all gender team. Play four games of doubles and/or mixed doubles to 11, win by two.?Switch last two games to MLP style play to 21 rally scoring, win by two
Finals: Top 4 teams with most wins advance to finals
No Rain: 10 court system no rain finals. If most games have been played (3 or plus games) All matches will be considered played. Covered courts will be used to play final matches and finals.
Check-In: 30 minutes before starting time
Fixed Partner: Bring your own partner Doubles, Mixed and Team
NO Partner: NO problem
Refreshments: Fruit, Gatorade, candy and snacks provided
Water Provided, plus, cooling water station
Food: Food available for purchase
Refunds : $55 a week before the event. We will do one reschedule, if unable to play, or weather conditions NO refunds
Subs: If full sign up as a sub Full refund including registration if unable to play
Sponsors & Vendors: Sign-up today
EMT: On-site
Next Event: The Arizona Showdown, Saturday, March 21, 22 & 23.

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Rules & Regulations
$30 refund Saturday a week before event. Reschedule, or no refund due to rain or weather conditions. I understand that USA City Pickleball (USACP) has the right to adjust starting times, the number of teams, and combine brackets in each division as needed. I also understand and agree that in case tournament is rained out, or for another Force Majure reason is unable to continue that no refunds will be issued after registration deadline. I agree and grant USA City Pickleball (USACP) the irrevocable right, with or without my knowledge, to film, tape, photograph, record, exhibit, edit, alter, copy, reproduce, license, sell, rent, disclose, display, publish, distribute, broadcast, webcast, stream, prepare derivative works from or otherwise preserve, use and/or exploit in any format and/or manner now known or hereafter developed, whether commercial or non-commercial in nature (collectively, the “Use and Materials”): (1) my participation or attendance in USA City Pickleball (USACP); and (2) my name, likeness, signature, voice, conversation, sounds, biographical data and/or any other information or material secured in connection with my participation or attendance in USA City Pickleball (USACP).